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Introducing to you the girl behind the blog, I am Yuvna Gookool. 'Yuvrnt' is a place full of creativity, where I compile all of my daily inspirations, thoughts and notions of my personal lifestyle.

From confidence and polishness to authentic and innovative, the choices we make to pull out outfits on a day-to-day basis can send an influential message about us. For the most part, this blog showcases my journey, ready to take on the Mauritian and international fashion industry to inspire 'Style Introverts' to embrace their inner fashionistas. 

So follow my journey if you are willing to know more about me spilling my secrets on what to purchase, where to buy, what is trendy in season or simply for lifestyle skills - and hopefully inspire you to not only make a statement, but to also incite a reaction.

Welcome to Yuvrnt! 

XO, Yuvna